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Der Raum: wo es weder Tag noch Nacht gibt 

by I Jung Lim 


Uferstudio, Berlin, Juni 2017

The body is visible, very visible. "What does he look like?" Asks for his visual appearance, and at the same time this question creates a kind of existence. The limbus is unclear existence in unclear space and acts as a space. This is where those who have neither been guilty nor have done any special good are staying there. How can these human bodies form in this space and what does it look like?



Performer: Florence Freitag, Julia  Keren Turbahn, Parwanhe Frei, Simone Gisela Weber
Costume: Carolin Herzberg 
Light: Nina Kay 
Organisation: Johanna Melin, Ingrid Ogenstedt 
Assistence: Camille Jamelen 
Concept, Choreography, Text, Sound: I Jung Lim 
Photo, Film: Diethild Meier

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