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"Unobtrusively, but ubiquitously, the chair, as we know it, accompanies the modern human being: it is palpably serving as furniture, but profoundly shaping the physique, shaping the language, and penetrating into thought metaphorically and allegorically. [...] Together with the attitude of sitting, he creates new boundaries between people, puts them into fixed frames, fixes distances and forms new figurations of encounters. The chair becomes a staked-out territory in the sphere of the social, the sitting becomes the characteristic attitude of the bourgeoisie. " 


Hajo Eickhoff in: „Himmelsthron und Schaukelstuhl/Die Geschichte des Sitzens“

The work "Homo Sedens" deals with how the chair and the act of sitting influence our body, our postures and movements. Based on Foucault's conception of the "Society of Discipline", we explore how seating in public space consciously and unconsciously alters our body language as well as interpersonal interaction.

The piece is based on observations of seated people in public space and the resulting collection of everyday movements of the seated body.

Homo Sedens, 2013



Concept / Choreography / Dance: Tanja Kodlin, Julia Turbahn

Venue: Made in Düsseldorf, Free Forum Theater (FFT), Düsseldorf, 2013

Duration: 20 minutes

Photos: Kevin Pawel Matweew

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