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in collaboration with Tal AlperStein

„Vielmehr versuchen sie, die angenehmen Dramen, die sie bereits in ihrer Fantasie erlebt haben, ‚in der Realität‘ zu erleben. Da die „Realität“ jedoch niemals die vollendeten Freuden der Tagträume bieten kann, führt jeder Kauf zu Ernüchterung und der Sehnsucht nach immer neuen Produkten. Im Zentrum des zeitgenössischen Konsumverhaltens steht eine Dialektik aus Neuheit und Unersättlichkeit. „

John Urry, The Tourist Gaze

The project TOUR AGENCY by Tal Alperstein and Julia Keren Turbahn is examining tourism as a form of performance. The lecture performance working with live performance, video material and photos is analysing the different elements of tourism and is investigating how memory is framed in this context.  Traveling to a foreign country, visiting a yet unknown place there exist reoccurring patterns and rituals of how to visit a place as well as imposed narratives created by the host country. 


TOUR AGENCY is investigating and questioning how we act as tourists as well as how the authentic is manipulated by a performance of the host country and the willingness of the tourist to enjoy the staged reproductions. Based on those perspectives, we are asking whether there can be alternative ways of discovering and (re-)presenting a foreign place.


The lecture performance extracts material from the observations of tourists, tour guides and members of the host country in order to expose and abstract the performative aspects present in the behavior. Moving from an image slide show to choreographed movement patterns, from documented material to live action, the lecture is both a guided tour and a reflection about that concept itself. The performers act as guides inviting the audience to a ‘Behind the scenes’-Tour of the Tour Agency. The lecture performance was presented in August 2019 in the Hamidrasha Gallery in Tel Aviv.


Concept, performance: Tal Alperstein, Julia Keren Turbahn

Animation: Daniela Spickermann

Graphic-Design: Yaara Shaked

Text support: Rotem Volk

Tech+performance support: Klara Kayser+ Raz Gomeh, Caroline Chevalier


Special Thanks to Tal Uriel von Urielstudio for providing the belts who made our outfits perfect!

Supported by MifalHaPayis.

Im Jahr 2017 ermöglichte die TOUR AGENCY eine geführte Whats-App-Tour mit Guides aus der ganzen Welt. Alles, was Sie für eine Tour brauchten, war ein Smartphone und etwa 45 Minuten Zeit.

Die Forschung wurde 2018 in der Alfred Gallery Tel Aviv präsentiert.

1.8.2017, 10:31 - Namushka: I'm walking

1.8.2017, 10:31 - Namushka: I walk north

1.8.2017, 10:32 - Namushka: I walk slow

1.8.2017, 10:32 - Romina: what do you see now? already different

than before?

1.8.2017, 10:33 - Namushka: Yes

1.8.2017, 10:33 - Namushka: Now it's also different when i look

right or left, up or down

1.8.2017, 10:33 - Namushka: You name it

1.8.2017, 10:34 - Romina: of course! please turn to the left..what

is there?

1.8.2017, 10:34 - Namushka: Very interesting!

1.8.2017, 10:34 - Namushka: It's a desert inside a closed shop!!

1.8.2017, 10:34 - Romina: a desert?

1.8.2017, 10:35 - Namushka: Yes, with sand

1.8.2017, 10:35 - Namushka: And little mountains and valleys

1.8.2017, 10:35 - Romina: are there animals living there also?

1.8.2017, 10:35 - Namushka: It's written love in the sky

1.8.2017, 10:36 - Namushka: No, no animals

1.8.2017, 10:36 - Romina: i think i like this place

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