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I am a freelance choreographer, dancer and educator working in Berlin and abroad.

After having studied media and cultural studies in Düsseldorf I finished my studies in "Dance Context, Choreography" at the Interdisciplinary center for dance, HZT Berlin in 2019. This connection of theory and practice is also resonating in my artistic work as I am interested in the intertwining of it.

A deep interest in the moving body is inherent to my artistic practice. To me this also reflected in moving in different positions and spaces in artistic projects. I work as a dancer in project of others, choreograph my own works and ake outside and inside perspective‘s in other people's artistic work. My understanding of knowledge production through physical and other artistic practices I also implement in my work as a mediator in different contexts such as museum or schools.

I value interdisciplinary and continuous collaborative work processes hence I share longtime  collaboratitions with the artists Tal Alperstein, Simone Gisela Weber, Rachell Bo Clark, Lea Moro, Ziv Frenkel, Sebastian Hirn and Jan Rozman. 

​Since two years I have a focus on creating choreographic work for which are age open and also targeted to a young audience especially also in connection to the topic of making inclusive theater works. For this research I have received the Tanzpraxis scholarship of the Berlin Senate in 2023.

My choreographic works tour throughout Germany and internationally and are shown at various festivals ( for example Purple Festival, No Limits Festival, Gibanica Festival, Wildwechsel Festival, Grenzenlos Kultur Fesitval). Dinge dingen (2022), a piece created in collaboration with the Slovenian choreographer Jan Rozman, is touring internationally in Croatia, Norway, Slovenia and Germany and was selected for the Augenblick Mal! festival, the Germany-wide festival for theater for young audiences.


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