I was born in a small suburb of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan but grew up in Leverkusen, Germany. 
After having studied media and cultural studies in Düsseldorf I went for a year to at study the University of New South Whales in Sydney as a DAAD scholarship holder for dance studies.

During my studies I was very much interested in the knowledge production through artistic research and finished my BA with a thesis on the anthropocentric view on the difference between human and animals. I was specifically looking at how in relation to this topic in an artistic research process working with movement another form of knowledge is produced.  

Beginning of 2019 I am finished my studies in "Dance Context, Choreography" at HZT Berlin.

In my artistic work I am interested in the intertwining of theory and practice. Furthermore, I am captivated by the choreographic quality of everyday movements: its specific poetry as well as the inseparable social level. Im interested to extract essences from those movements in order to perceive them differently, arranging them in a frame that their essence is not lost but allows to question them as well as bear the potential to transform them.


I value interdisciplinary and continuous collaborative work processes hence I share not only a long collaboratition with Tal Alperstein but also a collective practice with Simone Weber and have since 2017 continuosly worked with the dancer and choreographer Rachell Bo Clark.

A deep interest in the moving body is inherent to my artistic practice. To me this also reflected in moving in different positions and spaces in artistic projects. I work as a dancer in project of others, choreograph my own works and am more and more interested to take outside and inside perspective in other people's artistic work. This work can be inside a theatre  gallery space or outdoors. Furthermore, I implement my understanding of knowledge production through physical and other artistic practices in my work as a mediator in different contexts.