Since 2017 I work as an assistant teacher and since 2019 as a teacher for the project JUNCTION. 

Since 2014, Mobile Dance offers dance workshops in accommodation centres for refugees in Berlin. The project combines the approaches of dance artists with specialist educators to support children and their families in coping with the repercussions of traumatic experiences, arriving in Berlin and managing their current challenging living situation.

The artists teach once a week, every week and the project becomes an integral part of each centre with which we work. The focus is upon a trauma- and diversity-sensitive body training which activates inner resources, develops stamina and strength, and counters the effects of anxiety and stress through breathing and touch. Another important element is improvisation, supporting the participants to be in the "here and now". Co-creative choreographic processes work with themes relevant to the young people to offer a place to investigate issues affecting them and to expand their own agency and creative potential.

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