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by Droste/Frenkel/Leuthäuser/Turbahn

Three performers are on the trail of foxes, because they are the success model of the future. They are looking for them and want to become like them. What makes foxes so cunning? So attractive and also mysterious? Can we humans become like them? Can we learn to listen better to urban foxes?

BY & WITH Gabi dan Droste (direction, dramaturgy) / PERFORMANCE Ziv Frenkel, Erik Leuthäuser, Julia Keren Turbahn / CHOREOGRAPHY Ziv Frenkel, Julia Keren Turbahn / COMPOSITION Erik Leuthäuser / CO-COSTUME Marie Gerstenberger / ROOM, CO-COSTUME Nina Krainer / LIGHT DESIGN Vito Walter / ASSISTANT Luzy Thüs / PRODUCTION Miriam Glöckler / EXPERT*INNES Sophia Kimmig, Michael Schiefel / THEATRE PAEDAGOGICAL SUPPORT Charlotte Bartesch


A production by FELD Zentrale für junge Performance. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. The development of the piece is based on the research project Stadtfüchse - eine Spurensuche funded by NPN Stepping Out.

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