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Another Rite of Spring

Lea Moro

Le Sacre du Printemps was created in 1910, 113 years ago. We are between 63 and 81 years old. We no longer avoid things, we don’t sidestep anything or anyone. We are asking ourselves how to (re-)invent a Rite of Spring. How far away can we move from the roles of perpetrators and victims to dance our own ritual? Together and individually, we have made many sacrifices over time, but we know the role of the perpetrator, too. The dissonances as well as the harmonies and cycles of life have shaped us. But our today is just like yours, like all of ours.

We live! We laugh! We feel! We flirt just like we love. We care for each other, touching each other and letting each other fall. We hold on to each other for orientation and stability. We widen our eyes, we stick out our tongues and bellies to sense ourselves and our surroundings more intensely. We argue about memory gaps because we all want to remember. And shame has finally left us. These might be the moments in life that define our age. Life is a moving threshold, let our bodies dance on it! Another Rite of Spring.

Choreography, concept: Lea Moro / Co-choreography, performance: Martha Altorfer, Victor Burtscher, Aghdas Eberli, Heidi Gugolz, Samuel Mueri, Susanne Schulthess, Vera Teuteberg, Thomas Wehrmüller, Gaby Willaredt-Schiestl, Kaspar Wohnlich / Artistic and choreographic collaboration: Julia Keren Turbahn / Costume and stage: Doris Berger / Assistant costume and stage: Sona Nydegger / Technical collaboration, sound engineering, photos: Andrés Bucci / Sound: Le Sacre du Printemps by Igor Stravinsky, version Sir Simon Rattle with Berliner Philharmoniker (2013)

Another Rite of Spring (2023) by Lea Moro was created in cooperation with the Tanztheater Dritter Frühling.

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