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bodies in urban spaces
by Willi Dorner

Bodies in Urban Spaces is an invitation to the citizens of Hanover to explore their own home and build up a new and stronger relationship to their neighbourhood, district and city. A chain of quickly formed individual body sculptures opens up new perspectives and insights, enabling a new urban experience.

Bodies in Urban Spaces is a temporary intervention by a group of dancers in various urban architectural spaces. Its intention is to reveal functional urban structures and their resulting limitations on usage and movement. By positioning bodies in selected places, the intervention leads to thought-provoking double takes. Passers-by, residents and spectators are motivated and challenged to rethink their urban surroundings and habits of movement. The intervention is temporary and only leaves traces in the memory of its those who see it.
Bodies in Urban Spaces is a moving, choreographed tour. The spectators follow the crowd in motion through public and semi-public spaces. The quality of Hanover’s Nordstadt and the different times of day give the body trail its respectively unique colouring.


Concept & Choreography: Willi Dorner
Choreography Assistance: Esther Steinkogler, Ian Peter Dolan
Production: Roma Janus
Performers: Lina Lev, Davide de Biasi, Alice Gioria, Samanta Hinz, Daniela Niemitz, Tuan Ly, Yoriko Maeno, Monique Markert, Melanie Müller, Benjamin Petersen, Marcell Proske, Maayan Reiter, Caroline Ruhsland, Mamiko Sakurai, Donia Sbika, Lisa-Marie Skalla, Julia Keren Turbahn, Tim Weseloh, Bo Mulder, Anna-Lena Bunge

Copyright Photos (c) Helge Krückenberger

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