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fluid horizons

by Niels weijer

Endless lines floating around the room. Lines become curves. Atmospheric interactions of colourful bodies, slowly moving towards each another. Sound waves generate imaginative worlds, in which new perspectives appear.

fluid horizons is a score based installation performance around the concept of being connected and making visible the space in between which connects us and questioning the boarders between object and subject, dramaturgically connected by the curves, circles and spirals.
Inspired by the work of Steve Paxton the four dancers are connected by two nine meter glass fibre sticks. Through the stick they sense each others movement and are therefore able to move as one without looking at one another. The movement in space is again registered by a computer which translates the data into sound-waves, generating a supporting sound structure for the performance. The focus continuously shifts between subject, object and a oneness of the two, making visible the invisible as well as the room. All performative elements move as one and responding to one another. 

120 min. 

concept, choreography: niels weijer
performance: laura giuntoli, saori hala, julia keren turbahn, mariana vieira
composer: michael tuttle
costume design: federico polucci
lightdesign: andreas harder
mentor: mike o'conner
advice dr. christiane berger, prof. wanda golonka

support by Studienstiftung des deutsches Volkes, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, HZT-Berlin, maChoreographie 

Copyright: Martina Thalhofer
Copyright: Martina Thalhofer
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