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High Diving

„He sometimes halted without saying anything. Either he had finally nothing to say or while having something to say he finally decided not to say it [...] Other main examples suggest themselves to the mind. Immediate continuous communication with immediate redeparture. Same thing with delayed redeparture. Delayed continuous communication with immediate redeparture. Same thing with delayed redeparture.“

Samuel Beckett ‚Enough’

In a society where productivity and performance are in the foreground, hesitation is often classified as a form of weakness: the one who hesitates, the one who doubts, pauses and interrupts his actions. High Diving examines hesitation as a productive force, an active gesture of interrogation: Hesitation as a productive force to problematise the relationship to the world. To hesitate not only means to have a sense of reality, but also a sense of possibility: everything could be completely different.


In HIGH DIVING attention is not paid to the making and productivity, but to the moments of the in-between and the intermingling. It is a search for a temporality and tension that indicates a variety of possibilities.



Concept/idea: Julia Keren Turbahn, Simone Gisela Weber

Choreography: Julia Keren Turbahn

Performance: Ziv Frenkel, Vilja Mihalovsky, Simone Gisela Weber

Sound: Felix Römer

Costumes: Jana Donis

Stage design: Hanna Kovács

Tech. support: Nikola Pieper

 Special thanks to: Frauke Havemann, Sigal Zouk, Alice Chauchat, Gabi Beier, Jan Rozman, Tal Alperstein and the blue lady

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